International Bake Shoppe
444 Main Street 
La CrosseWI 
Corner of 5th & Main St.
City Square Building
For easy cake pick up use our loading zone on main street
(have your flashers on)
Curbside pickup available see below for details

Phone: 608-782-4680

Monday: 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Tuesday: 9 am to 4 pm
Wednesday: 9 am to 4 pm
Thursday: 9 am to 4 pm
Friday: 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 1 pm
Sundays & Holidays: Closed


4th of July Hours:
Thursday 7/4 : Closed
Friday 7/5 8:30am-Noon
Saturday 7/6 9:00am-Noon

We offer a variety of cupcakes for weddings and parties.

Classic which are not filled $18.00 a dozen
Premium which are filled $21.00 a dozen
Specialty which are gourmet and filled $24.00 a dozen
These are standard size cupcakes*
$1.00/per dozen additional charge for "rose look" or  metallic- gold, silver or rose gold spray

Some flavors require a minnimum order of one dozen


White Wedding: Vanilla cake, White buttercream
Classic Chocolate: Triple chocolate cake, white buttercream
Triple Chocolate: Triple chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream icing
Red Velvet: Red velvet cake, Cream cheese icing, with RV crumbs
Classic Strawberry: Strawberry cake, white buttercream
German Chocolate: German chocolate cake, Coconut pecan icing
White Christmas: Vanilla cake, White buttercream rolled in coconut
Snickerdoodle: Vanilla cake, Cinnamon buttrecream
Butter Pecan: Butter pecan cake, white buttercream
Touch of Lime: Key lime cake, white buttercream
Lemon Drop: Lemon cake, white buttercream
Plain Poppy: Vanilla cake with poppyseeds, white buttercream
Clasic Yellow: Yellow cake, white buttercream
Banana Blitz: Banana cake with cream cheese icing
Cinnnamon Spice: Spice cake, Cream cheese icing, Cinnamon sugar
Chocolate Covered Banana: Banana cake dipped in ganache
Confetti Birthday Cake: Vanilla cake with sprinkles, white or chocolate buttercream


Boston Cream Pie: Yellow cake, Bavarian filling, Chocolate ganache
Chocolate Mint: Chocolate cake, Mint icing, Andes sprinkles
Mocha: Coffee flavored cake, Coffee buttercream, Chocolate drizzle
Peanut Butter Cup: Chocolate cake, Peanut butter icing, Chocolate drizzle
Classic Almond: Almond flavored white cake, Almond icing
Almond Joy: White cake with almond flavor, Chocolate ganache icing, dipped in coconut 
The Elvis: Banana cake, Peanut butter icing
Lost in Paradise: Banana cake, Strawberry icing
Bananna Cream Pie: White cake, Bananna cream filling, Buttercream icing with graham cracker sprinkled on top  
Cookies and Cream: Vanilla cake with Oreo, White buttercream with Oreo crumbs
Grandma's Poppy seed: Poppy seed cake, Lemon filling, White buttercream 
Double Lemon poppyseed: Lemon cake with poppyseed, Lemon icing
Carrot Supreme: Loaded Carrot Cake, Cream cheese icing
Lemon Burst:
Lemon cake, Lemon filling, White buttercream
Lemon Rapsberry Supreme:
Lemon Cake, Raspberry filling, White buttercream
Key Lime Pie: Key Lime cake, Key Lime filling, Key Lime icing
Marble Swirl:
Yellow and Chocolate cake, White or Chococlate butterceam
Raspberry Truffle: Chcoclate Cake, Raspberry filling, Fudge icing
Raspberry Dream: Vanilla or Chocolate cake, Raspberry filling, White or Chocolate icing
Viva Las Vegas: Banana cake, Cream cheese filling, Peanut butter icing
Super Sundae: Your choice of Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry cake, White icing, Dripping fudge, Confetti sprinkles and a Cherry on top
Strawberry Shortcake: Vanilla cake, Strawberry filling, Strawberry buttercream
Strawberry Cream: Strawberry cake, Cream cheese filling, White buttercream
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry: Strawberry cake, Strawberry filling, Chocolate ganache
Black Forest: Triple Chocolate cake, Cherry filling, white buttercream, Choclate shavings
Caramel Apple: Yellow cake, Cinnamon Apple filling, Cinnamon icing, Caramel drizzle
Chocolate Caramel Delight: Chocolate cake, Caramel filling, Caramel icing
Salted Caramel: Vanilla cake, caramel filling, white buttercream w/ caramel drizzle & sea salt
Fudgey White: Vanilla cake, Fudge filling, white buttercream
White Custard: Vanilla cake, Bavarian filling, white buttercream
Chocolate custard: Triple chocolate cake, Bavarian filling, choc ganache
Red Raspberry: Red velvet cake, raspberry filling, white buttercream
Red Velvet Surprise: Red velvet cake, fudge filling, white buttercream
Pecan Delight:  Butter pecan cake, cream cheese filling, white buttercream
Dynamic Duo: Strawberry & Lemon cake with buttercream icing
Chocolate fudge: Chocolate cake with fudge filling, white or chocolate buttercream icing 
White Chocolate:Vanilla cake with white chocolate chips, white chocolate buttercream icing 
Gender Reveal: Vanilla cake, Pink or Blue filling, White buttercream, Pink & Blue sprinkles 

Black & Tan: Guinness Chocolate cake, Bailey's Buttercream
Italian Wedding Cake: Vanilla cake with coconut, pecans & rum, Cream cheese icing
Tiramisu: Coffee flavored cake, Mascarpone filling, Coffee buttercream
Cloud 9: Angel food cake, White buttercream
Drunken Butter Rum: Butter rum pecan cake, Rum icing
New York Cheesecake: Classic New York Cheesecake, A dollop of fruit filling in the center of a ring of buttercream icing
Gluten Free: Yellow or Chocolate cake, White or Chocolate buttercream

*Extra Notice needed on Specialty Flavors*

We will be happy to substitute our buttercream icing for any flavored icings listed

International Bake Shoppe
444 Main Street
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: 608-782-4680

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